The Swedish 5 Öre stamp – complete with postmark 1923 postmark

I found this little fella hidden in a little empty box on a shelf in a tiny, messy odds’n’ends shop one day. One of those pleasant little surprises… what in the world is a little stamp doing all this way from home in a little countryside bric’n’brac?

How did a Swedish lion, almost a century old, make it into the Irish countryside? What journey must it have taken? What news did it deliver way back in 1923, the date of it’s postmark?

That’s one of my favourite aspects of the little lion, it’s clear and clean postmark, almost like it was stamped yesterday. It’s almost like the Lion’s own ‘Once upon a time…’ with only the imagination able to finish the tale. 

I’m amazed how the burnt orange colour is still vibrant. It must have slept in the dark for quite a long time.

My googling for background on this stamp unearthed this lovely gem of information from a collector called Magnus on this Stampboard thread:

When the stamps arrived it met critic[ism] because … the lion was so skinny so one could se the ribs – A sign of the poor Sweden

It created a whole new story in my mind’s eye.

Swedish 5 öre stamp
Swedish 5 öre stamp in direct view

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